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by Packy McDonagh November 23, 2016


Since splurging during the holidays is inevitable, make sure you balance out all those extra calories by getting a workout before the tryptophan kicks in! Feel free to try it after as well. You may not burn as many calories as you take in, but your metabolic rate will be much higher and continue to burn more of that food as fuel.

In 8 minutes do as many sets as you can:

  1. Squat your turkeys weight for reps (22 pound turkey=22 squats)
  2. Situp for every seat around your table (9 seats= 9 situps)
  3. Burpees for the number of drinks you have available alcoholic drinks and soda count as 2!

Example: 22 pound turkey, 9 chairs, (sam adams, titos vodka, cranberry juice, coke)= 7

Workout would be this: 

8 minutes as many rounds as possible:

22 Air Squats

9 Situps

7 Burpees

Packy McDonagh
Packy McDonagh